Collections & partners

  • DEA 

    De Agostini Picture Library was founded in the 1970s in response to the growing needs of the company and with the aim of coordinating and curating the iconographic production necessary for the creation of increasingly numerous publishing works. Since then, the archive has been constantly enriched with new content, arriving at a collection of over 800,000 images. De Agostini Picture Library is now an archive specializing in images of art, archaeology, history and, more broadly, in everything related to the encyclopedic world and scientific communication, from geology to botany and from geography to zoology.

  • SHOWbit 

    Since 1988 SHOWbit stands for professionalism, creativity and excellence. SHOWbit is your first access to all the fashion shows and events from all around the world. Photos and videos are shot by top imaging experts, edited by our post production team and directly delivered in real time to the clients’ digital platforms. We offer the most complete real-time photo and video database for professionals working in fashion publishing collecting high quality images from the fashion capitals. We’re passionate about photography and fashion. They both tell stories that we want to share.

  • christophel 

Collection Christophel is one of the most renowned French image collections in digital film archives. The Collection contains several million images representing more than 200 000 films, from the first Lumière brothers films to the latest indoor productions. The Collection Christophel main topics range from films to portraits, celebrities to cinema history, studio to entertainment. In addition to the French and American film collections, the agency Collection Christophel offers a vast selection of Asian and European movies.

  • Biosphoto 

    Created in 1987, Biosphoto is a photo agency specialized in picture of nature, environment and gardens. In 2000, Biosphoto started Biosgarden, its garden pictures collection, which represents today more than 400 000 pictures. In 2010, opens its footages library: Biosmotion. Today, Biosphoto is an image bank with a double vocation: the aesthetic illustration and the didactic and scientific content with an iconographic team constituted by biological and botanical scientists. Biosphoto has also become an advocate for the environment by developing partnerships with various NGOs like WWF International, and by engaging in 2015 with Tara Expeditions.

  • Keystone Pictures USA 
    Keystone Pictures USA

    Keystone Pictures USA - The Original Wire Service - (started in the 1870s) with the best visual history of the 20th century and beyond is one of the worlds best Source for Entertainment and Historical film set Pictures. Its comprehensive entertainment image archive includes current and classic film sets from celebrity portraits to poster art and television under the name of "Entertainment Pictures Collection". Keystone has accumulated an extensive collection, which includes historical news, feature and celebrity photos from all over the world, covering many diverse subjects of international interest.

  • Zuma Press 
    Zuma Press

    Based in California, ZUMA Press Inc. was founded in the early 1990s by photojournalists for photojournalists, and is now the world's largest independent editorial press agency. ZUMA, a leader in digital media, produces and represents award-winning news, sports and entertainment and editorial stock imagery from some of the world's greatest photographers, picture agencies and newspapers who together span the globe covering news events and issues. ZUMA's photographers regularly receive top awards from the Pulitzer to the World Press as well as Best of Photojournalism (BOP) and Pictures of the Year (POYi).

  • Reporters Associati 
    Reporters Associati

    Reporters Associati has over the years become a point of reference for photography of Italian cinema, bringing together the archives of leading set photographers; to choose just name among the many: Pierluigi Praturlon. The archive, comprising exclusively original negatives, offers an overview of Italy during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s through famous and less-famous shots from cinema, performance and news events.

  • Rue des Archives 
    Rue des Archives

    Rue des Archives is a French photo agency which works with professional picture buyers for magazines, books, internet and television.
    The core of the agency is AGIP picture agency, founded in 1935 in Paris. On top of the 3.000.000 pictures from AGIP, Rue des Archives features photographers such as Gérald Bloncourt (political and humanitarian images), Michel Sima (artists & workshops), René Saint Paul (photojournalism, Albert Camus), Raymond Cauchetier (“Nouvelle Vague” film sets), etc. In addition, they also represent major image sources in France such as CineStreet (French movie archives), Bourgeron (psychiatry), Tallandier (an archive with 100 years of historical photos and illustrations), Paul-Emile Victor.

  • Bridgeman 

    Founded in 1972, this English agency works with museums, art galleries, collections and artists, all selected for their quality and content. Each subject, concept, style and medium is represented comprehensively, from the masterpieces in Britain’s national museums to treasures from private collections. This a fundamental collection, not only for the world of art, but also for developing visual communications projects with subjects that are unique in terms of quality and iconography.

  • Age Fotostock 
    Age Fotostock

    From breathtaking landscapes to everyday activities, and from the hottest of today’s subjects to exotic animals, science, medicine and food, Age Fotostock can meet any creative requirement thanks to the numerous collections it has available from a wide number of countries. Every image is of the highest quality and freshly produced.
    Thanks to the partnership with Age Fotostock, Mondadori Portfolio now has available the best creative collections on the market, offering tantalising and original photographic solutions.

  • leemage 

    Fine art and documentary photographs of antique documents, portraits of the great personalities of the 20th century and of the literary world, images of the most renowned illustrators. History, art and science are the strong points of Leemage. The agency's archives include images from private collections and from the most prestigious French libraries. In fact, the archives of the Opale agency, a model of excellence in the literary world, contain approximately 36,000 photographic services on French and international writers. With its archives, constantly enriched by the production of new services, the Opale agency offers a priceless narration of the French and international literary universe.

  • akg-images 

    Considered the largest archive of universal art, AKG Images has been present in the world of photography for 50 years, with important offices in London and Paris.
    Its holdings, about 10 million images, paper and digital, include portraits, historic photos, architectural photos, reproductions of works of art, and embraces major themes such as architecture, everyday life, history, geography, art, literature, media, music, religion, economics and science.

  • ALBUM 

    Ever since its creation in 1993, this fundamental archive in Barcelona has gathered an incredible collection of photographic material dedicated to cinema, from its early days to the present. Album also offers a vast collection of images of culture and art, including the major masterpieces of Spanish art collections and movements.

  • Electa 

    A unique resource in Europe for the arts, the Mondadori Electa archive has operated in the field of visual culture for more than 50 years. It has a collection of over 500,000 colour and black and white images put together through a series of major photographic campaigns commissioned from leading photographers. It is added to month by month with new campaigns and targeted acquisitions. The Mondadori Electa photographic archive includes paintings, sculptures, architecture, decorative arts and archaeology.

  • MiBAC 

    The Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo (Ministry for Cultural Affairs) has been an institutional partner of Mondadori Electa for years, and grants and safeguard its own artistic heritage through authorisation to reproduce works of art. Thanks to the renewal of the agreement with the Ministry, the important cataloguing by Mondadori Electa of the works present in leading Italian museums are available from our archive without restrictions for the publishing world.

  • EPOCA 

    A mostly exclusive collection comes to life thanks to the recovery of the unpublished archive and of photo session test strips, signed by masters of photography like Walter Mori, Giorgio Lotti, Sergio Del Grande. The shots of the photographers, marking the most important point of the Italian photojournalism, have made popular the magazine founded in 1950 by Mondadori on the model of the American weekly Life.

  • Mondadori Collection 
    Mondadori Collection

    Grazia, Tempo, Panorama: magazines built an unmatchable photographical heritage. A unique collection to tell the history of nearly a hundred years of our country, ranging from nowadays events to the Made in Italy, from society to news stories.