Mondadori Portfolio is pleased to announce the partnership with SHOWbit, a leading photo agency in the fashion and events industry all over the world. In addition to photo shows, you will also find a wide range of Beauty, Backstage, Street Styel & People, Accessories, Close-ups, Model Ownwear, the most beautiful Brides and much more.

The Oscar Mondadori Collection changes its look

How many times do you pick a book from the cover? The Oscar Mondadori Collection changes its look and, to make it, has chosen the most impressive images of our archive

Christophel Collection

Mondadori Portfolio starts his partnership with Christophel Collection, one of the most renowned French image collections in digital film archives. Christophel¹s images cover 200.000 and more movies of all ages, from the first Lumière films to the latest productions of our time.