Premium photographers

  • Adriano Alecchi Images
    Adriano Alecchi

    Adriano Alecchi was born in Milan in 1941. He began working for Mondadori in 1957 in a variety of positions, and since 1968 has collaborated with Panorama and Epoca. As photo-reporter of Italy’s...

  • Carlo Bavagnoli Images
    Carlo Bavagnoli

    Carlo Bavagnoli was born in Piacenza in 1932. He joined the staff of Epoca, then edited by Enzo Biagi, in 1955. After an article on Trastevere, he began working also with Life in 1958 and has been...

  • Luca Carrà Images
    Luca Carrà

    A professional photographer since 1979, he prevalently photographs architecture and works of art, working for leading Italian periodicals and famous publishers in Italy and abroad. For Mondadori...

  • Pigi Cipelli Images
    Pigi Cipelli

    Born in 1965, Pigi Cipelli has been a freelance photographer since 1989. In the past 15 years, he has worked for the most prestigious publishing houses in Italy and abroad. His collaboration with...

  • Marco Covi Images
    Marco Covi

    Born in Trieste about 40 years ago. For many years, he played a variety of ball games and then suddenly dedicated himself to architecture, studying and writing about it, arranging, laying it out...

  • Angelo Cozzi Images
    Angelo Cozzi

    Born in Milan in 1934, where he lives and works. A graduate in photography, he first worked as an agency reporter, starting his career with Farabola in 1951. The floods in the Polesine enabled him...

  • Mario De Biasi Images
    Mario De Biasi

    Born in Belluno in 1923. He joined Epoca in 1953 and in over 30 years filed reports for the magazine from around the world. Among these was a report on the Hungarian uprising of 1956, images of New...

  • Sergio Del Grande Images
    Sergio Del Grande

    Born in Milan in 1932. He arrived at Epoca in 1960, after working for 12 years in various Italian press agencies. He followed the most significant events around the world for the magazine: the Pope...

  • Grzegorz Galazka Images
    Grzegorz Galazka

    Grzegorz Galazka was born in Poland in 1959. Photography has always been his passion. For over thirty years he has lived and worked in Rome. His activity focuses on the life of the Catholic Church...

  • Giorgio Lotti Images
    Giorgio Lotti

    Born in Milan in 1937. He developed a passion for photography at a young age, and as an adult worked with leading dailies and weeklies: Le Ore, Tempo, Settimo Giorno, Epoca. In 1964, he joined the...

  • Pino Montisci Images
    Pino Montisci

    Born in 1946, he arrived at Mondadori in 1963, where he worked for the personnel office. Attracted by all that the newspapers published, and especially by the photographers, by the images that news...

  • Walter Mori Images
    Walter Mori

    Born in 1918 in Parma. At the age of 17 he joined the Italian air force and throughout the war was a photographer on various fronts. In 1959, he joined the editorial staff of Epoca, specialising...

  • Francesco Prandoni Images
    Francesco Prandoni

    Francesco Prandoni Milanese, born in 1970, for the past 15 years he has been photographing everything pertaining to show business and music. He has published with the principal Italian and foreign...

  • Antonio Quattrone Images
    Antonio Quattrone

    Quattrone has been an art photographer for 40 years. For Mondadori Electa, he has documented pictorial cycles and the restoration of famous frescos in Italy, such as Da Vinci’s Last Supper, Andrea...

  • Marisa Rastellini Images
    Marisa Rastellini

    A photographer for Grazia, Arianna, Bolero and Panorama, she is highly appreciated for her reports on fashion and for her portraits of leading stars in international cinema of the 1960s and 1970s...

  • Alberto Roveri Images
    Alberto Roveri

    Alberto Roveri was born in Milan on 14th October 1947. His career as photographer began in the 1970s with the weekly ABC, and then continued as a collaborator for the photographic press agency, DFP...