Why should I register on the site?

Because it allows you direct access to search our collections, showing all material available in Italy, to order and download images, manage custom albums and receive newsletters and updates on our archive.


How do I use the albums?

If you are registered on the site, you can create and manage multiple albums at the same time. Through the search feature you can create an album and select the images to be saved with the Albumicon. You can then send yourself a pdf of the album, download the photos, add them to your shopping cart or request them from Mondadori Portfolio.


I can't find an image: can I request an archive search?

Certainly. You can request a custom search by sending an email to sales@mondadoriportfolio.it. In our archive there are approximately 60,000 colour photos of art and 4 million black and white photos not yet digitized.

For photo reproductions taken from archives of the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana not available on our site, send an email to ambrosiana@mondadoriportfolio.it


What is a premium or golden image?

Some of the images in our collections are unpublished or of particular artistic and authorship value. These are marked with the word PREMIUM or GOLDEN in the fee field.
Their cost is different from that of other images. Ask for a quote.


How can I order an image?

If you are a registered user, you can download pictures in high or low resolution, or order them directly from the site. If you're having trouble or need more clarification write to: sales@mondadoriportfolio.it and we'll reply as soon as possible.


How can I download an image?

Depending on your customer profile, you can download high resolution images directly from the site or request them from researchers via an order form.


How can I calculate the cost of an image?

The first step is registering on our site. To check the cost of a photo for editorial use, select the image, add it to your cart and enter the required data. For non-editorial use, request a quote by sending an email to sales1@mondadoriportfolio.it or to emanuela.barboni@mondadori.it


How do I purchase an image?

After registration, you can purchase one or more images for editorial use with payment by credit card or your Paypal account. Select the photos you want, add them to your cart and enter the required data for the calculation of the quote. Then proceed to checkout.

For purchases that are non-editorial, made by bank transfer upon receipt of invoice, or prepaid with bank transfers, request a quote by sending an email to sales1@mondadoriportfolio.it or to emanuela.barboni@mondadori.it


I am a private person, a student or I represent a non-profit cultural institution: can I buy your images? How?

You can purchase our images online by credit card and Paypal for editorial use. Check your quote online. For other uses, contact us by e-mail and we will verify the reproduction rights needed for your project.


Some suggestions for your research

  • Select "search" if you want to do a new search, or "filter" the results if you want to further refine your search.
  • Use the filters side bar to refine your search, which you can also define by photographer, by subject or even by Model Released.
  • Use Boolean markers! You can use "..." to search for two words simultaneously, OR to search for one term or another, NOT to exclude something from your search (Sport NOT baseball for example) AND to combine multiple words

Not sure or do you want a custom search? Write to sales@mondadoriportfolio.it


Not sure if you need a release of rights?

Visit this section for more information and you will find everything you need!