Rights and licenses


Rights and licenses

Releases? Zero Problems.

Discover the ease and comfort of Zero Problems images by relying on the Mondadori Portfolio team of specialists and industry experts, knowledgeable on the subject of releases and rights.


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A guide to Zero Problems

How does a release work?

A release is the written authorization to use the image acquired for commercial purposes.

What is the difference between editorial and commercial use?

If you use a photo to illustrate an article, a story, textbooks, or general public interest themes, the use is editorial and does not require a release of rights.

For some types of images, as in the case of the fashion and beauty poses, just to name a few, the release by the model/s is also needed for editorial use, unless otherwise stated. The information is always present in detail from the photo. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you're using the photo in order to sell a product, advertise or promote a brand or goods, collect money (even for a good cause!) the use is commercial. A release of rights is required if the image contains:

  • identifiable persons
  • trademarks
  • brands
  • works of art or architecture

In the latter case, contact the Mondadori Portfolio experts!